Eight-fold Path Program 2015-2016

This page is for participants of the 2015-2016 9-month Eightfold Path Program.

This program is being offered in conjunction and collaboration with IMC (Insight Meditation Center) in Redwood City, CA.

The Eightfold Path Program is an introduction to each of the Eightfold factors. In this program participants can discover how to apply each path factor in ways that are personally impactful and meaningful.

The program has the following elements:

  • Weekly reflections and practices
    This is the heart of the program. Each week, there are recommended practices and reflections for the path factor being studied that month. These are opportunities to engage with each path factor in a relevant and engaging manner. The practices are listed on the monthly handouts (available on the IMC AudioDharma website under “Eightfold Path”) and will be emailed weekly as a reminder and support for regular practice.
  • Monthly group meetings
    • These include teachings, meditation, and small group discussions. They are a great opportunity to learn more and meet and practice with other members of the program.
    • A monthly 2 1/2 hour meeting is held on Saturdays from 10:00am to 12:30pm for each element of the Eight-fold Path:
      • October 17 – Right View
      • November 21 – Right Intention
      • December 19 – Right Speech
      • January 23 – Right Action
      • February 13 – Right Livelihood
      • March 12 – Right Effort
      • April 16 – Right Mindfulness
      • May 14 – Right Concentration
    • The meetings are not mandatory, but participants have found them very beneficial. If you are unable to attend, recordings from the IMC meetings will be available on the AudioDharma website: http://www.audiodharma.org/series/35/talk/6006/
      Recordings from the Modesto meetings will be available through the links  below for each month’s topic page.
    • A reminder email will be sent a few days before each meeting. This email will also include a link to the essay and practices for the upcoming month.
  • Monthly readings
    • For each path factor there is an essay written by Gil Fronsdal and suggested additional readings. The handouts with the essays (and practices) for each factor are on the IMC AudioDharma website under“Eightfold Path
    • As further support for the program, it is recommended to also read:
  • Monthly audio recordings on each of the path factors
    Recordings of Gil Fronsdal’s talks on each of the path factors, given in 2012-13 can be found on the AudioDharma website under “Eightfold Path

For those who are assigned a personal mentor, there are the following additional program elements:

  • A monthly one-hour meeting with an Eightfold Path mentor
    • These meetings are to discuss the weekly practices and reflections for that month’s path factor and to answer any questions you may have about the Eightfold Path. The mentor can support you as you explore each of the path factors and its role in your life. Typically, the sessions will begin and end with a very brief meditation session.
    • These will be privately scheduled between the mentor and mentee.
  • A one-day retreat at the Insight Retreat Center on June 18, 2016
    Everyone who is enrolled with a mentor in this program is encouraged to attend this daylong event at IMC’s retreat center in Scotts Valley on June 18, 2016. More details will be available as the date approaches. We don’t anticipate having space for non-mentored participants at the retreat.

Each month there will be a link and a page provided for the materials for that month.  Please note that the weeks listed in the handout materials will not match (IMC’s schedule is not identical to our Modesto group) – just adjust it accordingly.

September’s Topic: Introduction to the Program and the Eightfold Path
October’s Topic: Right View
November’s Topic: Right Intention
December’s Topic: Right Speech
January’s Topic: Right Action
February’s Topic: Right Livelihood
March’s Topic: Right Effort
April’s Topic: Right Mindfulness
May’s Topic: Right Concentration
Conclusion: From the Eightfold Path to the Tenfold Path
Overview of the Eightfold Path (audio) – Gil Fronsdal