Dharma Study

This page has been created for IMCV Dharma Study.  You will be able to leave comments for one another on the sub-pages of this one.  Please use this feature to arrange meetings, to discuss the various topics, and to share what you’ve learned with one another.

You can do much of this study online at your leisure, but I highly encourage you to meet as a group at least once a month to discuss the topic in more detail – and failing that, find at least one other person in the group to discuss, in person, the topic each month.  These teachings become more meaningful and alive if you engage in this with others in discussion and interaction.  You also learn about the value of and the care of sangha in the process. This group will follow the Guidelines for the Dharma Study Group (PDF) – please be sure to read this.

Topics as they become available will be listed below: You will need a password to access these topic areas.