The Parami of Sila: Virtue

Here are links to a few talks and readings on the perfection of virtue or moral behavior:

Paramis Series #2 Virtue: Living Well And In Harmony – talk by Myoshin Kelley

Virtue (Sila) talk by Gil Fronsdal

Virtue Quotes from Gil Fronsdal

The Five Precepts – an article by Gil Fronsdal

Ambalatthika-rahulovada Sutta: Instructions to Rahula at Mango Stone (MN 61) translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu from the Access to Insight website

and here is an excerpt from Sylvia Boorstein’s book, Pay Attention for Goodness’ Sake:

A contemporary gratitude prayer making the rounds of meditation center bulletin boards reads: “I am thankful that thus far today I have not had any unkind thoughts or said any harsh words or done anything that I regret.  However, now I need to get out of bed and so things may become more difficult.” I am glad to use it as my  “text” for inviting people to recite the Five Precepts out loud to themselves in the morning as they begin the work of their day.  I say, “Maybe we should extend this prayer.  We could add, ‘And since things will surely become more difficult, and since I want to end the day thankful as well, I intend to:

Do no harm to anyone,

Take nothing that is not freely given,

Speak truthfully and helpfully,

Use my sexual energy wisely,

And keep my mind clear.'”

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