Survey Results

Dear all,

Here’s a summary of the survey on having another daylong in the Modesto area:

Out of 17 responses:

17 were for a daylong retreat – looks like I’ll go forward with arranging one!

10 preferred a full day, 7 preferred a morning half day, and 2 an afternoon half day – so we’ll plan for a full day and those of you who can only attend part of the day would be welcome to leave/arrive as needed.

Most of the respondents could make a weekend day, the preference was Saturday over Sunday

9 out of 17 could make a daylong retreat in August, only 4 could make it in June or July, so I will investigate dates in August.

Many of you were willing to help out – my heartfelt gratitude for your availability to help with the daylong.

When I have a date secured, I’ll pass on more information.

Many thanks to all of you who responded and participated!

Now, here is another short poll – to ask your thoughts on the creation of a small study group – I’d like your thoughts on this:

Dharma Study Group Survey