Service as a Meditative Practice – A daylong with Jeff Hardin on April 16

Insight Meditation Modesto will be offering a daylong with Jeff Hardin of Sacramento Insight Meditation on Saturday, April 16th, from 9am to 4:00pm at Doctors Medical Center, 1441 Florida Ave., Conference Center, room 1, Modesto, CA (the Conference Center is the building between the parking structure and the emergency department) on:

Service as a Meditative Practice: A Study and Practice Daylong

Given all of the chaos in the world, there is a seemingly endless call to be of service to others. We do this daily on an individual level with our friends, loved ones, and even ourselves.  We can also get involved in service with volunteer organizations.  Regardless of what shape our helping takes, it is important to approach service with wisdom and compassion.  Using mindfulness we can investigate our internal and external experience before, during, and after helping others.  When we act from the stability of our insight meditation practice we have a better chance of being helpful without unintentionally harming ourselves or others.  This daylong retreat will look at service as a practice of meditative awareness.  We will alternate periods of discussion with sitting and walking meditation. There will be a brief slide presentation of examples of service and ample opportunities for sharing our experience.

Jeff Hardin has been practicing meditation since 2000. His areas of interest are participating in residential meditation retreats, studying the original discourses of the Buddha (the Pali suttas), and international humanitarian relief work. He teaches meditation as a community mentor for the Sacramento Insight Meditation group. He is on the boards of Insight World Aid, the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies, and the Folsom Pathways Sangha.  He also volunteers for Buddhist Global Relief. He is enrolled in the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leaders (CDL4) 2-year training program.  His supervising teachers are John Travis and Gil Fronsdal. Jeff works as an emergency room physician in Sacramento.

This day is offered by Insight Meditation Modesto and Jeff Hardin. Donations for Jeff and Insight Meditation Modesto are gladly accepted. Please bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share for lunch.  If you wish to sit on the floor and have a zabuton and/or meditation cushion, please bring it.  Chairs will be available.

For the sake of those who may have allergies or sensitivities, we kindly request that you do not wear any perfumes or other scented products to this workshop.