The Freedom of Forgiveness

Here is the link to the talk by Vinny Ferraro:

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Some other great resources on the topic of forgiveness:

Forgiveness: A Gift To The World – a talk by Myoshin Kelley

Forgiveness – a talk by Fred Luskin, psychologist, cofounder of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project, and author of the book, “Forgive for Good”.

Some links to explore on the topic of forgiveness:

Forgive for good
This ground breaking approach offers insights into the healing powers and medical benefits of forgiveness. Dr. Fred Luskin offers a powerful method in which the emphasis is of letting go of hurt, helplessness and anger while increasing confidence, hope and happiness.

The Fetzer Institute

The Campaign for Love and Forgiveness

Season of

FORGIVENESS | Interview w/ director Helen Whitney / | PBS

Ben Stein Gives the Gift of Forgiveness – CBS News Video

On Forgiveness – NY Times Opinionator

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