Pictures of the sand mandala in construction at the Gallo Center

Here are some links to pictures that taken by Reva Damir of the Tibetan monks and the construction of the sand mandala in the Gallo Center lobby:

Day 1 (Tuesday)

Day 2 (Wednesday)

Day 3 (Thursday)

Day 4 (Friday)

Day 5 (Saturday) – finish of the mandala, dispersal and closing

A deep bow of thanks to the beautiful pictures taken by Reva to share with all of us!  What a blessing!

To learn more about mandalas and some interactive videos of how they represent 3-d structures, check out these links:

Here’s a description of the program “the Mystical Arts of Tibet” that the monks presented at the Gallo Center.  The Yak Dance wasn’t performed and one of the five wisdoms was missing from the Dance of the Celestial Travellers due to a problem getting a visa to the US.