Metta Study and Practice Daylong with Sean Feit on June 16th

Saturday, June 16, 2012, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Note: change of time)
Doctors Medical Center
1441 Florida Ave.
Conference Center, Room 1 (building between the parking structure and Emergency Dept.)
Modesto, CA

One of the most accessible and powerful tools the Buddha offered for meeting difficulty with strength and grace is the practice of metta, or unconditional love, the first of the four Divine Abidings. The practice is beautifully described in a much-loved short text called the Metta Sutta. It reveals a Path of Love that unfolds as wise action, generosity, intention, and the deepest wisdoms of renunciation and release from suffering.

In this daylong retreat, we will study the text both as a teaching tool and a devotional practice, integrated with periods of silent sitting and walking meditation. We’ll learn to chant the text in both Pali and English, and learn a formal metta practice, cultivating the bright, clear love that transforms ourselves and everyone we meet. All are welcome.

This day is freely offered to all.  Donations are welcome to support Sean and future Insight Meditation Modesto offerings.

Please bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share for lunch, and anything else you need to stay warm and cozy through the day.  For the sake of those who may have sensitivities or allergies, please do not wear scented or perfumed products.  If you have a meditation cushion, please bring it.  Chairs will be available.

Sean Feits teaching is dedicated to the integration of yoga and meditation, and draws on 17 years of practice in both.  He was a monk in Burma in 2002, and has studied with many wonderful teachers including Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Boorstein and Eugene Cash (Dharma/meditation), David Moreno and Alice Joanou (yoga), and Steve Hoskinson (Somatic Experiencing).  Sean teaches at Yoga Mandala and SF Insight, is recording a CD of Buddhist devotional chants, and leads kirtan, offering the practice of Bhakti Yoga as an integral aspect of a heart-centered Path.  More information about Sean can be found at

For additional information, please contact Lori Wong at 209-343-2748.