Special Live Webcast of Spirit Rock benefit daylong with Jack Kornfield – Saturday, Sept. 7th, 2013

IMCV in collaboration with Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services will be hosting a special live webcast of a Spirit Rock daylong with Jack Kornfield on Sept. 7th from 9:30am to 5:00pm at the [please note the location change] Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Education Building at 2172 Kiernan Avenue, Modesto.  Please see details below about how to register for this daylong and how to receive CEU credit. You must register in advance.

One Day Training in Buddhist Psychology: The Essence, for Meditators and Psychologists

Learn from the transformative teachings and practices at the heart of Buddhist Psychology. Discover inner capacities for wakefulness, joy, dignity and compassion, your Buddha-nature. Join us for this day of mindful meditations and teachings on love, consciousness, healing and the nature of mind. Our training will study the fundamental principles of Buddhist psychology combining practical examples, teaching stories, visionary wisdom and case studies. We will explore applications of these revolutionary perspectives in our healing work, our meditation and our life.

Teachings are appropriate for individuals as well as health care professionals. Continuing Education (CE) credit available for in-person attendance.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

    • Practice and employ five different forms of mindfulness training including the basic four foundations of mindfulness of body, feelings, thoughts and relationship;
    • Integrate Buddhist psychology’s core principles of mental health and well-being into traditional western approaches;
    • Employ three Buddhist psychological practices for transforming difficult emotions;
  • Utilize and incorporate compassion and forgiveness training in their professional work and personal life;

How to register:

Due to the nature of this daylong being offered as a benefit for Spirit Rock’s capital campaign, we cannot offer this daylong as dana (free). However, if there is interest in attending and you do not have financial means, please contact us and we will see if there might be a donor to offset the cost.

Step 1: You must register for this event via Spirit Rock’s website – use this link. The registration has a sliding scale from $60 to $108. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration. You must bring that confirmation with you! That will be your ticket for us to verify that you have registered.

Step 2: Once you’ve registered on the Spirit Rock website, please register on our website using the form below. We have limited facility space and your registration will help us determine how many people will be attending and whether we might need to change the venue.

Step 3: If you wish CEU credit, please bring a check or cash in the amount of $30, payable to Spirit Rock Meditation Center (or SRMC). You must also bring your professional license number for registration – please do not forget this or we won’t be able to issue you a certificate for the day.

Step 4: Please, please arrive at least 30 min. early so we can get you registered and checked in! Everyone will benefit from your arriving early. Please bring your own lunch for the day. Chairs will be provided. If you wish to sit on the floor, bring your own mat and cushion. We will provide hot water and tea.

There will be a donation basket if you would like to support future IMCV offerings and activities.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori via email at insightmeditationcentralvalley@gmail.com or phone 209-343-2748.