Craving: Understanding the roots of our longing – daylong July 23, 2016 with Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni

Saturday, July 23, 2016
from 9am to 4pm

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stanislaus County
2172 Kiernan Ave.,
Modesto, California

The Buddha taught that the key to peace joy and happiness is release: a state of mind and heart not driven by a relentless insistence that life, in this moment, be other than as it is. This capacity for freedom is available every moment but is often obscured by our agitated minds and wounded hearts. This day long retreat will combine the steady focus and insight of  Vipassana meditation with the relational practice of inquiry to understand more about craving and the roots of our longing.

AMMA THANASANTI BHIKKHUNI has been meditating for 35 years and a Buddhist nun for 25 years. She blends rigor with gentle loving encouragement to find your own way – finding a balance between fierce holding of the Dhamma and compassion, tenderness and empowerment.

Bring a vegetarian dish to share for a potluck lunch and something gluten free to share with Amma. Please come fragrance free out of compassion for those with chemical sensitivities. This day is freely offered. Donations are gratefully accepted to support Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni and Insight Meditation Central Valley.

For additional information, please contact Lori Wong at 209-343-2748.

Please register so we have an idea how many will be attending: